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Learn with Think Better

Think Better  is a structured training program designed to improve your argumentation skills, and help you become a more logical thinker,

To get ahead in the modern world, a good command of the English language is going to be an invaluable asset.  Wedded to this, you will find it useful, particularly for entry to prestigious universities, to have a command of logic, critical thinking.

Would you like to be able to speak the right ‘language’ in interviews?   This means the use of language in a way that tells the interviewer that you are a serious individual with a credible and broad skill base.   You see, it’s not only saying the right things, you need to say those things in the right way, with correct use of grammar, and employing a wide vocabulary.

Our Unique Approach

All of my courses are centred on improving your chances in life – with job and university applications and with your business, personal and professional relationships generally.  The theme running through all of my courses is logic – demonstrated most clearly in chess, critical thinking, and legal argumentation.   The aim is to make you a valuable commodity to any employer, and an attractive proposition for any university.

I am able to offer my tuition by zoom, or from my home, in Southampton, UK.

Enquire now, book your course today and prepare yourself or your child for the big bad world!  All of my courses are suitable for children aged 14 and upwards, and adults, and each course comes with a free taster session.


Sceptical on why you require skills?

Every facet of every life involves selling and negotiating.  Most often you will be involved in ‘selling’ ideas, whether to your parents, your boss, your spouse or your bank manager.   You may not get everything you hoped for, but by improving your negotiating and argumentation skills you are much more likely to get closer to the mark.   A study of philosophy will help with this, particularly critical thinking.   This is the foundation of all good arguments.



Courses: Introduction to Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Metaphysics - Descartes' Meditations, Nietzsche and the Existentialists, Truth and Postmodernism



Courses: Introduction, including Social Contract Theory, Tort, Criminal, Contract and Family Law


Courses: Introduction to Ethics - Consequentialism vs Deontology, Meta-ethics Practical Ethics


Courses: Basics, including elementary tactics Advanced - positional play, strategy, specific openings, endgame play


Couses: Introduction to Politics, Politics 202 - Totalitarianism, Communism, vs Capitalism, Authoritarianism vs Libertarianism

What Our Clients Say

Shams Pawel

I didn’t expect my 16-year-old would get so excited about learning the course. Every day he used to look forward for the instructor to come on board for teaching. Teaching methods are fun as they say. Will recommend you to my friends to have their kids look into this program.

James Sibley

I have enrolled my 18-year boy to the Think Better program, and he seemed to enjoy every bit of it that he was upset when the course got over. so, looking forward to enrolling him for the next level too. Thank you Think Better for planting the interest of English in my child.

Ross Robinson

Very affordable and loved the way it was taught by the Think Better and kept my kid engaging with them for the better grade & better future.

Harley Anderson

Flexible with the way they designed the course for my child, affordable and the tutor was very patient and did not mind repeating the content until my child grasped the subject.

    Partner With Us !

    Do You've Right Skills?

    I am not a qualified teacher.  I am a 61-year-old student and (lay) teacher and  student of philosophy, chess, and law.

    I started working in the legal profession in 1980 and worked within the profession until 2005.  I specialized in employers’ liability cases, road accidents and medical negligence.

    If you have skills that might be useful to our students, please get in touch.  We are particularly interested in those that have knowledge of philosophy, critical thinking,  psychology, politics, law, and related disciplines.


    I am available now to teach these subjects to you and your children.   As you will see, the courses are segregated according to the level of understanding you seek.  All of these courses are designed to give you an advantage – in life, university, work and elsewhere. 

    In the modern world of furious competition, you need an edge.  I will teach you how to be more logical, to make better arguments and to spot bad ones.  Critical thinking is a crucial part of this ‘edge’ I am talking about.  Chess is a useful tool here too – it teaches you how to assess, evaluate and act (and guides you on what action to take).

    Many of these courses combine with, and compliment, each other.  It is up to you to decide which combination of courses might suit you.  Or which you might just like and find fun to study.  All courses will be useful, though, towards that goal of learning to ‘think better’.

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